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The Rough Guide to Final Fantasy 8

A resource for fanfic readers and writers

The Rough Guide to Final Fantasy VIII
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This community is intended for readers and writers of FF8 fanfiction, and has two purposes:

1) To collect, discuss and answer questions about FF8 canon and fanon, particularly to help those who haven't played the game (or can't remember much about it) but would like to know more in order to enjoy the fanfiction.

2) To use the rich and wonderful FF8 world to stimulate writers in the fandom. We will be offering occasional challenges to help FF8 authors old and new to flex and develop their writing muscles.

Anyone is welcome to post entries and comments. Please behave with respect for others.

Please note that this community will be dealing with adult themes, including a range of lifestyle choices, sexuality and violence.

There may also be excessive fangirl squealing and certainly episodes of geekiness. Enjoy ^_^


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