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canon question

Do we know much about the founding of the Garden?

I know Cid and Edea got the funding from Norg, and that it was established enough that Quistis could attend it by the time she was ten, but do we know anything more than that for sure?

Aside from the history of the Garden and the flashback of Edea and Ultimecia (which is 13 years ago, if I remember right) do we actually know anything about Edea's backstory?

Hope my questions aren't too demanding; I'm new to the fandom. But I have an icon!
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The answer to both questions, as far as I can tell, is "not really."

Edea got the idea for Garden and SeeD from Squall when the time loop tossed him back to witness Edea inheriting Ultimecia's power and her resultant premonition of doom. She, in turn, told Cid, and the two of them began making plans. Then Edea left to protect everyone from Ultimecia's influence over her, and Cid continued planning Garden on his own. He needed capital, so he made a partnership with NORG, and by some means he acquired the three abandoned Centra Shelters to convert into the three Gardens. When Balamb Garden opened, he enrolled Squall and Seifer, who were probably around five and six years old at the time, because he'd been unable to find adoptive families for them. (And, in Squall's case, might not have tried - but that's speculation on my part. Cid's talk about Squall's destiny leads me to believe that Edea told him exactly who she met the day Ultimecia appeared.)

As for Edea's backstory, all I know to add to that is that she inhertied the powers of an unknown sorceress when she was a child.
Specifically, she first became a sorceress at age 5. And Cid did know that she was a sorceress when he married her. And...that's all the backstory I can remember.
Your icon amuses me far, far more than it should.
I've never seen a reference to a specific age in the game. It only comes up twice that I can recall - once when Cid is admitting to Squall that he and Edea are married, and once when Edea sends Squall and company off to answer Laguna's summons to Esthar. Both times, they don't say how old she was, just that she inherited the powers of a sorceress when she was "a child."
So Edea left before the Gardens were functional? Okay, that's the impression I got, and then I read a fic that said otherwise and wasn't sure. (Or is it one of those things that's just implied -- we know she left because she was gone?) I guessed because of NORG's reference to Cid and Edea as a couple that at least the initial meetings with NORG occurred before Edea left.