Sai (snowinsommer) wrote in roughguide_ff8,

Maybe it's the fact that it's December...

There's always been one line in FF8 that I've both nitpicked and wondered about.

During the 1st disk, Zell wants to see Squall's gunblade, but Squall refuses (with the ever-so-eloquent response of "........."). Anyway, Zell says, "Why you bein' so selfish!? Scrooooge!" (I'm betting a lot of you already know this ^_~, but) Scrooge is a reference to A Christmas Carol. Emphasis on Christmas. However, Christmas originated due to religious and cultural factors that technically shouldn't have existed in the FF8 world. It seems like the problem is kind of a double-edged sword. It would be pretty impossible to have a videogame world without any influences from our world, but how does a fanfiction writer include holidays or traditions in other worlds where the background for them doesn't exist? Am I just being anal about this, or has anyone else run up against the same problem? Anyone have any advice on how to include holidays, traditions, etc. and make it still seem plausible?


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