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Rough Guide to FF8 website launch.

I've updated the Rough Guide to FF8 website, with the first chapter of the story summary and brief biogs of the main characters, as well as the layout itself and a few links.

For anyone who doesn't know, this is a site for people who enjoy (or would like to enjoy!) the FF8 fandom without playing the game. The content is a little sparse just yet, but it will grow!

The next job is to start an image gallery with some of the pictures people have kindly donated, and a few other bits and pieces (Pax! I lost the map you sent me! Help!). If you'd like to contribute to the site, you're very welcome go take a look at earlier entries and the user info for this community for more info. Although I'm happy to potter away with it adding what I can when I can, it'll grow a lot quicker if others have the time/energy to join in and send me some contributions, and that would be fab.

Opinions and betaing of the site also very welcome.

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