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New gamer

OK, so I finally got my hands on the disks of Final Fantasy VIII PC Games.

And half of you knows already that I'm dying to be able to play this game.

I have everything installed, hopefully properly, but I'm still confused.


Basically, there are 5 CDs. The first CD is the application CD. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th CD I guess are the actual game.

When I run the application, it asks for CD1, so I insert CD1. Then the game starts, with Squall fights with Seifer and gets hurt in the face. Then the doc calls up Quistis. Squall and Quistis then go to the class where Quistis explains something. Then half of the class leaves the room, but Squall stays with some other students and Quistis. It stops there.

The biggest question is: which key I should press to exit in the middle of the game?

Next question: what should I do next?


I'm so clueless. Now I have to read tons of FAQ and manuals from various sites.
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