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Well, hi there! I joined 'cuz I thought it was something else at first, but I thought I could help in some way. Maybe. If any of the following information is invalid, please tell me. ^^; I pride myself in being a big FF8 knowledge horde. At least, I hope I am. Anyway!

I thought I'd help scribblemoose's questions (even thought they're deathly old) here:

1. Is there a definite 'year' system for FF8 (like GW's AC 197 etc) and if so, do we have a year date for the events of the war?

As far as that's concerned, I don't rightly know. However, and I remember clearly because of how shocked I was, I was crusing around some FF8 fansite and they mentioned something about 3800+ years of a certain date happening... like, I think that was Crystal Pillar falling or destruction of the Centra. And I was like 'WOAH, that's some far time in the future!' Just like what bloodsin mentioned in the previous post of http://www.livejournal.com/community/roughguide_ff8/1473.html. However, it's not to say that this date system is based on our own. You notice that these characters do not live on Earth.

2. Do we have any canon info about how GFs are created?

It was created by Dr. Odine, when he began his Sorceress research. Using her magic, it became possible for normal humans to equip GFs to their mind and use 'para-magic.

3. What are the official birthdays for the major characters?

The official birthdays, as you could find, are listed on the site scribblemoose mentioned (http://www.bishink.org/bishink/cal.html), but as for the year, that ties in with question 1.

4. do we have the names for both the birth and adoptive families for the orphanage kids?

Supposedly, Edea was all the orphans' parents until they were older and moved, to which only two got adopted (knowledgeably); Zell and Quistis. Zell had the Dinchts; who knows about Quistis. But in the GY calender, it said in GY12 Quistis was sent to her adoptive parents.... so she was something like 6, or something. But who, I'm sorry, I wish I knew. BLAST!

5. Do we have official ages for when the kids were
-sent to Edea?
-sent to Garden?

Squall was a newborn. Probably Laguna was still away and the townspeople decided that was the best plan of action? Perhaps? It also appears that the rest of them appeared at around the same time.. Quistis would be older.. not by much, though.. perhaps that isn't too clear. BLAST!

Obviously, only some of them were adopted. Zell was adopted at 5 and Quistis was 6. The rest were transferred to Gardens. Irvine probably got adopted at the same time, because he doesn't go to Garden... though I don't remember well if he said he had foster parents, or not. Gotta play that part again. x__x

sent to garden:
Squall and Seifer went when they were 5, as well, Quistis enrolled at 14... Selphie at the same time, and she was 17 when she was transferred. Zell came at 13. They all seemed to go at about the same time. Irvine, well... I have no idea about him. And Rinoa never went to Garden. Maybe that's why her TACTICS SUCK!!

6. Is there any official information about government (other than Galbadia and Esthar)

Dollet is a dukedom with parliament (what a combination). They are not technologically nor militarily advanced like Esthar, and their formation is poor compared with that of Gabladia. But, according to GY, it was one of the first governments to erupt shortly before the Sorceress War, so you can imagine they'd still be behind. That's about it. I could go on and on about Galbadia and Esthar, but you just expressed the fact that you have all you need. :3

Oh, and I wanted to comment on one of vigilante's comments made forever ago:

"We can see it clearly when you're walking around as Squall directly outside the Garden in Disc 1 -- the area sticking out which would be the ballroom -- yet we can't actually find it in the game. We saw the curved area with the windows right beside the Quad where Sefie's stage used to be, but there's no apparent entrance to it... the balcony of the ballroom -- if you recall from the beginning black and white photos -- is also definitely up and to the right of the quad, but there's no actual entrance at all to it."

...is the quote in bold. Um, yeah... I dunno about you, but I'm fixated on the idea that that is part of Ultimecia's castle. :\ People have claimed it's Dollet and apparently, the Garden's balcony. But... I think it's part of Ultimecia's castle. The structure of the building, itself, neither matches Dollet's nor the Garden's. It's that Roman gothic style that is Ultimecia's, says I. But I can probably says a lot of crap. O_o

Also, these are the statistics of the Ragnarok. I figure some person unknowledgeable to FF8 can appreciate these:

It is the fastest vehicle in flight.
More than 20 years ago, it helped take Adel to space. It existed only to assist 3 other flight ships; two of which eventually were destroyed.

2.850 tons (without turbines and charge)
3.134 tons (with full loading and full crew, and a third of turbines installed)
3.450 tons (all turbines installed, entire crew, and full charge)

108 meters
77 meters
54 meters (in flight), 65 (with landing gears down)

Main crew of 4:
-Transmissions operator
-Cannon contractors
Up to 6 additional members may be accepted.

609 mm loaded particle cannon
152 mm double-barreled lasers

Maximum speed:
11.8 kms >>> 42480 km/h

If you ever need that in non-metric, I'd be willing to do that, too. O_o As stated below why...

And with all that being said, I would be willing to do all your research for you! ^____^ All the monsters and magic skills, levels, et cetera.... I have no life. Plain and simple!

And, also, pleased to meet your acquaintance! X3

And this
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Mmmm, I must fangirl you for I love people obsessed with FFVIII.

But the reason why I do not think, and will not allow myself to think, that the black and white photo is part of the castle is because it looks identical to the balcony that's seen when Quistis tells Squall to meet with her at the secret spot in the Garden's Training Facility. You know, a few scenes before he tells her to go talk to a wall (I love that scene in case you couldn't tell). I would boot up my copy of FFVIII for the PC and take a picture, but I am lazy and pretty sure you'll remember the scene. If not, let me know and I can capture some pictures.

Also, it's debatable whether or not Squaresoft would insert such a spoiler into the opening sequences anyway. Personal opinion here, but I doubt they would.

Lastly: welcome. ^_^ Awesome to see someone as into FFVIII as me.
Hmm... actually, you're right. But that tier... it looks so... not Garden. O_o .... I wish I had a cleared picture. What's up with it being so full of noise?! >:O

And wow! You reply fast! Thank you! ^^; I'm glad you're into FFVIII, too. That makes me super excited, wheeeeee!! XD

I just took that picture from my PC version and now, upon examination: I think it does look like the Garden. The ballroom itself and the balcony (which somehow appeared off the nonexistent ballroom, but let's not go there) that Quistis and Squall stood on looked a lot like that. It had the ivy growing up the sides and other vegetation visible.

On the topic of vegetation, it has too many plants to be part of her castle, I think. I mean, her castle was fairly bleak all in all being that of a horrible, heartless, "kurse all SeeDs" type of sorceress and this almost serene balcony reminds me of Balamb Garden a lot.
Ahh, yes, now I see it! It's just like the structure from within the ballroom. That must have been why I was confusing them. ^^;; Thank you for correcting me! Vegetation!! XD
Yeah; I'm still miffed to where the damn ballroom is, though, that this balcony is coming from. Oh welllllll. :| Also: Mind if I add you to my friends list? Was glancing at your journal, has random interesting video game stuff, am intrigued.
O_O OF COURSE!! XD Please do! I was hoping you would!! ^^;

Yeah, that ballroom.... did you notice a few select scenes in the FMV sequence in the end and in that ballroom sequence, there are some scenes where not just the floor shows... if we could watch it and like.. slowly draw a composite picture of all the sections we see, then I bet we could generate the Garden around it (based on the room, itself), and locate its.... location! O_o
Well, if you ever want to do that, I'm always on AIM as Inconsistence. Just IM me.
2. Do we have any canon info about how GFs are created?

It was created by Dr. Odine, when he began his Sorceress research. Using her magic, it became possible for normal humans to equip GFs to their mind and use 'para-magic.

I totally forgot about that bit. It's mentioned in the Information section of the tutorial, right? But does anybody know which Sorceress worked with Odine? Is it ever mentioned?

I doubt it was Adel, because, well, I can imagine her being a bit paranoid about people testing things on her. Maybe it was Edea. She knew she had to visit Odine to block her powers, so she obviously knows about him (but then again, so does Zell). Maybe they worked together in the past, creating the GF ability which Edea then taught to Garden? Does that make sense?
It does make a lot of sense, really. We know that Edea became a Sorceress while very young, and she was already at the orphanage when Laguna was out on his quest for Ellone. Odine (and certainly Adel) wouldn't have let her go willingly, so she would probably have had to escape—and following that, hide, explaining the ridiculously remote location of the orphanage (but not why she wanted to start an orphanage in the first place, considering Adel's hunt for little girls). And Garden had to learn about GFs somehow.

That explanation seems weird to me, though. For one thing, at no point in the game that I can recall does Esthar ever use anything remotely like a GF. How is it that the practice is common among teenagers at Balamb Garden, but not in the place where it was supposedly invented? Okay, Esthar soldiers can use magic, but that's really another problem. Of the humans whom you fight in the game—Esthar soldiers, Galbadian soldiers, and Galbadia Garden paratroopers—every single one of them can use magic. (The guards in the D-District Prison never do, because the only one you have to fight is that guy who almost shoots Zell.) Are we supposed to assume that they all have GFs? If so, why can't we draw any of them except Pandemonia (and Leviathan)? Are we supposed to believe that Wedge can make his GF undrawable, but not Fujin? (Not to mention why some monsters have GFs.)

Really, the idea that only equipping a GF allows someone to use para-magic seems silly, because it has to assume that there's a near-unlimited supply of GFs out in the world. Of course, if there were some way to cast magic without using GFs, that would eliminate the problem; but then again, isn't the ability to use magic what separates the Sorceress from normal people? Would that mean Wedge is a Sorceress?
Yeah, the whole para-magic thing really doesn't make that much sense, when you think about it. Every other fighting force (including the Guards in D-District; they use status magic to incapacitate you) can use magic. How, exactly? It's stated explicitly in the game that you need a GF to cast/draw magic, something that becomes (painfully) obvious if you don't junction in battle. Many of the monsters you fight can also use "para-magic", spells like the elementals, status spells etc.

I was discussing on a message board quite some time ago, and the only explanations we came to were pure fanon: the soldiers' weapons allowed them, through judicious use of magic-refining items, to cast various spells without having to Junction. This took into account the lower damage they caused, the seeming endless supply each and every soldier had, and various battle animations that seemed to show soldiers drawing magic from their weapons.

As or the monsters, well, who knows. They fall from the Moon, for Hyne's sake. I think we can allow them a bit of magic. Maybe they can channel the magical energy seemingly inherent in the planet, and store or cast the magic that way.

Do you remember the bit during the battle between the Gardens, when you have to run along in front of a battle between SeeDs and soldiers? Many of the SeeDs are using spells )that don't seem to correspond with any of the in-game animations, but that's another problem entirely). It seems de rigueur in Garden to tell people to check their Junctions. Irvine assumed anyone who had been to B-Garden would have used GFs. GFs are known well enough and used often enough to have critics outside of Garden. It doesn't seem like there's a shortage, exactly, but you're definitely right in saying that every soldier on the planet having one is a bit of a stretch.

As for para-magic, I think it's interesting to see the "para" bit. A scientific definition that prefix is "a likeness, similarity, or connection, or that the substance resembles, but is distinct from, that to the name of which it is prefixed". So para-magic is similar but distinct from "ordinary" magic, which in this case would be that of a Sorceress. The difference being it can only be used in conjunction with a GF.

(I won't get into Selphie's ability to cast magic with her Slots, even without being Junctioned, or any Limit Break, for that matter.)

In that way the Sorceress is still the only one who can cast magic without outside help, while soldiers can use basic magic via their weapons. SeeDs can, after proper training, use a GF to cast magic and are therefore on a near-level footing when they come to fight a Sorceress, which is what Edea was always planning for, adding a little more weight to that theory.

Pity it's all made up, realy.
Yeah, it was Ultimecia. He was trying to work with Ellone to make the Junction Machine Ellone for Ultimecia, so she could do the time travel\compression thing.
I don't remember that at all. I mean, leaving aside how that would create a self-fulfilling prophecy paradox (how could Ultimecia have had the Junction Machine in the first place if she needed to use it to go back in time and have Odine make one?), I don't think Ultimecia even could send her consciousness that far back in time; it's what she needed Ellone for, as I understood it. Plus, it was my impression that Odine was working on Ellone because Ellone had a nifty power that Adel was interested in, and plus she had this cool ability and Odine gets obsessed with new toys easily. I thought he made the Junction Machine just because he could make a Junction Machine.

When he gives his little speech on Disk 3, he does say that the Junction Machine he built is what allows Ultimecia to possess people in the present, but he also basically says that he didn't know anything about Ultimecia until Edea told him about her not long earlier.
Perhaps. Though, in the info corner on the game, it says that he did it 'with the co-operation of a sorceress', and they don't say who!

So, generally, that would be completely unknown to anyone, and the idea of he doing it for Ultimecia or Adel is an enigma.
Well, if they don't mention any name at all, then it could just be some random Sorceress he dragged off the street. (Fic potential?) If we're assuming it's someone whose name we know, Ultimecia seems neigh on impossible; Adel or maybe Edea makes a lot more sense.