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My biggest plothole nightmares from hell!! tonight on ITV2.

So when exactly did Quistis arrive at Garden? I seem to remember her (when they reminisce in Trabia) saying it was at the age of ten.... but then at some point in the game (I think it was the CC Club battle), Kadowaki says that the CC King (Quistis) arrived at Garden 'at fourteen and finally beat me a year later', or something similar. Huh? Also...

Any plausible theories about the transfer system at Garden? Why does Selphie come to Balamb for the exam when there are graduated SeeDs at Trabia? (If Trabia is just a training centre, why are they still there?)

Why isn't Irvine a SeeD, if he's entrusted with one of the most important missions SeeD has ever accepted- the assassination of a sorceress?

Why does everyone in Galbadia accept the assassination of their president, and his replacement with a sorceres, when only seventeen years before, Adel wreaked havoc and destruction on pretty much everything?

And finally... do Garden students use condoms or the dreaded injection? I favour injection, it's more clinical.
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